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Chicoana Salta / Argentina
Sayta Ranch Social



“where time stands still”

A place that invites you to experience the Gaucho culture, tradition and local customs.

The Ranch, an old house surrounded by fruit trees and animals, is located in Chicoana, a village full of history and culture, where Enrique and his team will share with you the values that contribute to the “Gaucho lifestyle”.

There you will have the unique experience of enjoying the scenery, aromas, folk music, local wine and great food.

SAYTA is a life philosophy, which will leave you with unforgettable memories of an amazing group of people, sharing in their passion for life, horses and nature…

Interview Enrique (Sayta Ranch) Gauchos Argentina with Erica Terpstra

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Wiki 85

A unique experience

I have been able to experience the first person experience of this fantastic place.
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Wiki 85 Sevilla, España
Claudio Sk

Birthday unforgettable

I decided to take a few days off for my birthday and set them up at Sayta Ranch.

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Claudio Sk Buenos Aires, Distrito Federal, Argentina
Alicia R

Beautiful experience

I went to look for the hotel and they took me to the "Ranch" where very kindly Mr. Enrique was waiting for us with a rich breakfast.

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Alicia R Santa Teresita, Argentina

Mountain camp treks

We invite you to live the most exciting experience you can have with us. Long horsetreks are a challenge worthy of being surpassed at least once in life ... What better than doing it under supervision and Gaucho style? These scheduled trips can last from 2 (two) to 8 (eight) days of adventure, crossing all kind of terrain (rivers and mountains) with important ascents and descents to valleys and ravines. During these days you will come into contact with your horse and with nature, being able to experience the characteristics of the area, with the gauchos and their customs. If you are traveling alone, or want to join with a group of friends, these are some dates where you can join our departures. Groups of up to 8 people.

20 Sep 3 days - 8 nights Camping overnight.
15 Oct 3 days - 8 nights Camping overnight.
10 Nov 3 days - 8 nights Camping overnight.

What should you bring?

* Sunscreen for your skin type.
* Insect repellent (mosquitoes)
* Strong, comfortable shoes. Preferably they should come above your ankles.
(Try not to bring trekking shoes for the ride).
* Long trousers
* Hat
* clothing, according to the time of year.

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